Tonight’s Radio Show: “We are born naked and the rest is drag”

Log on Wednesday, June 4th, 2014 to join me for music, discussion & live chat at 10:00-11:00PM EST.
Dial in to speak with the host on air (917) 932-1825
Direct link to radio and chat room:
(Raja is Adam’s friend make up artist, winner of RuPaul Darg Race and yes, a truly stunning performer)

It was that great philosopher of modern culture, RuPaul, who said “You were born naked. The rest is drag.” Whether you pile on the sequins and transform your appearance with make-up and wigs, or simply suit up in pinstripes and heels, we all package ourselves. We project an image to the world that reflects who we want to be seen as. Usually this appearance is dictated by social codes, by what others expect to see if you are a doctor, construction worker, artist or Mom. You’re playing by someone else’s rules. What’s so subversive about drag queens is that they project what they themselves want the world to see. A man who wants huge boobs and to make the audience laugh. A man who wants to the world to gasp at a vision of glamour and ethereal beauty.

Our topic tonight – What is drag? What’s yours? And most importantly, WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO WEAR TO THE QUEEN + ADAM SHOW? Enjoy this interview and let your mind expand!

More here:
Above intro was written by my dearest friend Juneau from this awesome daily Adam Lambert blog

Hope to hear from you/see you in the chat room tonight Glamberts!

My friend who helped me to write this beautiful intro is managing an amazing daily blog on Adam Lambert here:

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