Radio show: A World of Pride

Tonight’s radio show is all about living proud guys!


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This past Sunday, rainbows and glitter erupted on the streets of cities across the continent as equality advocates gathered to march in Gay Pride Parades to celebrate the breathtaking gains in the historic quest for equal rights for LGBTQ citizens. One year ago, the U.S. Supreme Court struck down the so-called Defense of Marriage Act (more accurately, the Defense of Heteronormative Marriage By Muddle-headed Sheep Who Just Can’t Stand the Idea of Gay). This is also the tenth anniversary of the Massachusetts Supreme Courts game-changing ruling that first recognized the constitutional right of LGBTQ citizens to enjoy the legal protections of marriage. The acceptance of equality has become so mainstream, USA Today covers the topic without batting an eyelash: Gay pride parades celebrate history and marriage.

Unfortunately, the emergence of LGBTQ Equality in the West…

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